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Hear It from Them

My Dad's dog was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure by our vet. Tammy communicated with her and has since performed several healing sessions on her. Her improvement was always noticeable overnight-she would be so much more lively again! She's definitely slowed down over the past few months (she's 14!) but I am forever grateful for the sessions from Tammy and the extra time we've had with Phoebe. I've also had Tammy over to smudge my home and she's so lovely-just being in her presence is very calming and relaxing-my place felt better immediately. Thank you Tammy.

Brianne C

I've reached out to Tammy on more than one occasion-for a variety of different reasons. She has always been very helpful, non judgemental and works from her heart. I'm so appreciative and grateful for Tammy, with how she has guided and supported me over the years. Definitely recommended.

Kendra E

Tammy did a healing session on one of my cats who had stomach sensitivities since she was a kitten. (10 years) Her first session brought immediate relief to Roxxie where she was able to keep her meals down for 5 days then she began getting the same issues again and as soon as I advised Tammy, she did another healing on her and Roxxie hasn't been sick, it'll be a week now which is amazing considering she used to get sick every day. Thank you for providing Roxxie (and us) some relief.

Lynne R

I don't know Tammy personally. She was able to connect with my daughter and I must say she was amazingly accurate with everything she told me. A very talented lady!

Chris H

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