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Home, Land and Personal Smudging

An ancient practice of clearing and balancing energy through smudging.

  • 45 minutes
  • $99-$249 Varied rate
  • Remote/Distance or In Person

Ever wonder what your pet wants to tell you?

Smudging or saging has been a common practice in many cultures for centuries. Typical benefits may include a feeling of peace and calm, as well as "lightness" and improved mood. It may also help you think more clearly as well as feel grounded. Smudging may be done as needed, and some of the times I recommend smudging include: selling your house, when you move into a new house, after illness, divorce or conflict or after a deep cleaning or decluttering of your home. Some people feel a presence or spirit in their home and would prefer smudging for that reason as well. I offer distance or remote smudging as well as in person, if you are local to me. I smudge your entire home and will smudge anyone in the home who would like to be smudged at that time. Fees vary according to whether smudging is remote, in person, or if it is land clearing etc. Fees will be set before your appointment so you will know what to expect beforehand.

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