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Animal/Interspecies Communication

Ever wonder what your pet wants to tell you?

  • 1 hour
  • 109 Canadian dollars
  • Emailed Session

Ever wonder what your pet wants to tell you?

Are you concerned about the wellbeing of your pet? Animals are aware of their own state of health and will often communicate about their emotions, experiences and memories. They usually respond well to this type of communication and it typically only takes one session to give you an in depth look into their inner world. These sessions are done via email, so your animal friends need not travel. Animals will offer insight into how they are feeling, likes and dislikes, relationships to other animals and humans around them. Even though I am not an animal trainer, I have seen that getting to the root of behaviours may be helpful in changing those behaviours. Animals, like humans, express themselves in many ways. Some are more outgoing and chatty, some are quiet and stoic. You may be surprised at what they focus on and what is not important to them. Personality is but one aspect of who they are. I know I am often surprised at the things they "say." I am not a medical professional and will not diagnose your animal. Please seek medical advice and treatment from a qualified medical professional.

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