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About Me

Wisdom is meant to be shared.

I believe in the power of connection. Foremost is the communion between ourselves and source energy. What may follow from opening up to this communication is challenging to describe and cannot be simulated. It is as though all the lights have turned on.  I believe, whether intentional or not, we have been contracted to fit into a space that doesn't support all of who we are. I am an Animal Communicator or Interspecies Communicator, Intuitive and Medium. My 10 years as a professional in this field has illustrated to me that combining mysticism, science, ancestral teachings and realism, creates a healthy space from which to expand. The sky really isn't the limit, after all! I have been a lifelong intuitive and sensitive person and after working through my own fears and judgements embarked on this unexpected, yet fulfilling path. Please take a look around this site and let me know if I can be of guidance to you. Thank you!

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