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Current Services

Animal Communication

Fee is $129

Animal Communication is a fast growing field, connecting animals to their guardians and giving animals a voice. They are more sentient than we currently understand and they love to share their perspectives, which can lead to better health and wellness, deeper trust and connection.

These sessions are via email, essentially a "love letter" from your four legged friends, both alive and from those in spirit.

Fee is $129

Completion time is typically one week

Please do not share any details when you request this service, I prefer to not have any information at the beginning of the communication. If I have any questions, I will reach out to you.

If this is an emergency, or time sensitive situation, I will do my best to accomodate you.

Please note that I am not a health professional and do not diagnose animals, and I will always encourage you to seek proper medical assistance. 

Year In Preview

Fee is $99

This service has become a favourite yearly offering. Essentially, I pull twelve cards, one for each month, and write an intuitive message for each, specifically for you. I take a photo of the twelve cards and email it to you along with all of the messages.

It is your year in "Preview" as I am looking at the year ahead, what energy and themes may be prevalent for you in the upcoming twelve months. These are only available during the end of the year-typically I begin to accept orders in November-and they are all completed and sent out by January 1. Orders for 2024 have been completed as of January 1, 2024.  If you are seeing this in January, I may still be accepting last call orders, so if it interests you, please reach out. 

Home Clearing

Fee is $129-$199

A happy and healthy home requires regular energy management, in essence, smudging or intentional clearing. With this service, I move through each room, connecting to any energy-residual, spiritual, or garden variety-make note of any information that may be helpful for you to know, then I clear your home using lightly scented incense and invoke protection and prayer tailored to you and your needs. I do not use traditional smoke sources as I have found that many  people and animals are smoke sensitive.

I suggest a professional clearing be done after illness, death, divorce, before and during sale of your home, and before moving into a new-to-you-home. Many people clear their own space on a regular basis and so a professional clearing is helpful when there has been change in the home, or you feel like it is time.

Clearings are available in person if you are local to me. Remote or distance clearings are also available, and they do work just as well as in person clearing. Remember, I am connecting to the energy of your home, and any spirit activity-it is not necessary for me to be physically present in your home to do so.

 Please note that the fee varies depending on square footage and travel time, and will be agreed upon before the service is completed.

Free Offerings

I offer "Messages for the Signs" which is shared weekly-usually Mondays-on my FB business page, Tammy Toch Intuitive. I give a video recorded forecast for each of the 12 Astrological signs. As well, my "Messages for Today" are intuitive, psychic and channeled messages, usually containing predictions and premonitions as as well as offering clarity surrounding current energies and situations.

Spirit of Place

Fee Varies

I believe that every home has a spirit-not the "ghost" kind, but an awareness that wants to be in harmony with all who dwell within its walls. Combining my experience as an interior designer/decorator, and an intuitive medium, I love to create spaces that welcome, inspire and encourage peace, health and wellbeing. There are a few options to choose from and will suit many needs and budgets. You may want a "Kickstart" which would focus on using existing furniture, ideas for layouts, paint colours and suggestions for accessories. Or you may prefer a more detailed refresh, creating a spiritual, magickal home. Do you want to know what your home has to say? Love your home again, and create spaces that reflect who you are now. This service is available in person and online.  Please contact me for more information.

Retreats and Monthly Membership

More to Come in 2024!

Our March 2024 "Sacred Connections Retreat" is Sold Out, so please check back for more to come. We hope you can join us!


I look forward to hearing from you!

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