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Anatomy of Intuition: Maiden Level April 28-30, 2023 SOLD OUT

Thank You!

Anatomy of Intuition, Maiden Level June 23-25, 2023 SOLD OUT

Thank you!

Join Tammy and Gillian on an intuitive journey where you will develop and enhance your powerful inner knowing


Mother Level

Anatomy of Intuition, Mother Level September 18th and September 23rd and 24th, 2023 

Registration is now open!

Mother Level Details

If you have completed the Maiden Level of Anatomy of Intuition, you are invited to join us for our second level of our three level certification course in September 2023.

This is where we dive deeper and like a true Mother, become adept at putting ideas into practice. We will move from "Being" to "Doing" while practicing patience as we gain more knowledge and wisdom along the way.

And as Mothers, we will nurture and care and grow all that we have planted as Maidens.

We hope you will join us!


Monday, September 18th: Zoom Session


Comfort of your own home


7:00pm - 9:00pm


Saturday, September 23rd

In Person


Tammy's House, Okotoks


10:00am - 4:00pm


Sunday, September 24th

In Person


Gillian's House


11:00am - 3:00pm

Keep in mind to reserve some time between September 19th - 22nd for Intuition self guided practice. Don't overbook yourself during this week.



Includes all supplies, teachings, tea, coffee, lemon water and snacks. Please bring your own lunch, microwave and fridge are available.


Space is limited to 15 people.

Full payment must be received to reserve your spot.


Via etransfer to Tammy at

PayPal if you prefer that we send you an invoice.

We look forward to sharing sacred space with you again!

All our best to you,

Tammy and Gillian

Do you doubt yourself and the signs you receive Do you struggle to hear your inner guide? Well, you are not alone; everyone struggles with this at some point. We are all born with intuitive abilities that see beyond our senses. As we grow, society, our culture and education can obstruct us from developing our capability to access our inner knowing, especially when we need it most.

Tammy and Gillian are here to guide you back to your intuitive path. They will show you how to develop and enhance your powerful intuition.

It is time to stop second-guessing yourself; your intuition is already reliable. It comes on strong when you fully understand how it works and fully open yourself to it. Tammy and Gillian will share the foundational skills for your intuition, so that your intuition will guide you with amazing precision, accuracy and clarity. This will be a fun, informative and inspirational class that will uplift, inspire

and ensure your strong intuition  keeps flowing.

This will be a three-part course; each lesson builds upon the other. The Maiden Level will be a prerequisite for the Mother and Crone levels of the certification series if you choose to continue your studies with us.

The Maiden level is created to be a stand-alone course for both beginners

and the more experienced. The Maiden Level is an opportunity to develop your intuitive muscle, awaken your inner knowing and gain an understanding of the Anatomy of Intuition.

This is your opportunity to work with two

very unique, spirited, connected souls who work with their intuition and spirit daily. Tammy and Gillian have a combined 40 years of working in the metaphysical world and continue to do so as Professional Intuitive Practitioners.

Tammy is a Psychic Medium, Animal

Communicator and Channel for Light Beings.

Gillian is a Natural Witch, Energy Worker, Soul Coaching Trainer and Feng Shui Master

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